Superior Float Tanks

As the core of our business, selecting a float tank manufacturer is one of the most important decisions, next to finding the right location. We researched extensively, flew across the country a few times to "test float" in many different tanks, but found that what we were seeking was right in our own backyard in Norfolk, Virginia!

Superior Float Tanks are made in the USA by a veteran owned company, and stand out from the rest with their innovative designs, unparalleled filtration system, and built in amenities for the comfort of our guests.

All of our tanks feature:

  • Multi-color LED lighting
  • Stereo transducer speakers
  • Dual in-tank heaters
  • Micron Filtration

Client comfort is paramount, and Superior's assortment of tank offerings allow us to make the float experience approachable for everyone.  Our center will offer the: Evolution Float Pod, Revolution Float Orb, the Single Quest Suite  and the Deluxe Quest Suite to satisfy all of our guest's needs!