Massage at Blue Lotus

At Blue Lotus, not all massages are created equal.  Our therapists will listen and guide you, leveraging their own unique style and expertise for your individual bodywork needs.  Whether you just need to zone out for an hour or require deeper work for tension or pain relief, our therapists are equipped with an array of techniques to achieve your desired result.

Floating and Massage

massage order.JPG

A Powerful Formula!

There is no prescribed order of operations for pairing a float and a massage. We encourage you to try the order that you feel will benefit your individual needs.


(M)assage + (F)loaT = (A)wesome!

Getting a massage before a float session will allow your muscles to stay relaxed longer. Often when getting a massage you are thrust back into your car and life, only to start the tension cycle all over again!  So let the awesomeness last just a little bit longer!!

(F)loaT + (M)assage = (A)wesome!

If you float before a massage, the deep state of relaxation from the tank allows you to start your massage less tense. Because the float tank reduces sensory input, floaters often report heightened senses post-float, making your massage feel more amazing!